Mission Statement

“To demonstrate God’s love by compassionately providing emergency services and long-term solutions to help our homeless neighbors transition back into the community with gainful employment, sustainable income and stable housing.”

Our Logo

R3: Rescue + Revitalize + Restore

Our logo is a visual representation of our Mission!

The SKY BLUE and SUNSHINE YELLOW colors focus on the bright hope we have for our guests, and that we hope they will soon have for themselves! Quite a contrast from the dreariness often associated with homelessness!

The LADDER represents the structure of wellness we have built here at the Eugene Mission. It demonstrates that we are giving our guests tools to use to help them climb out of homelessness. The “Eugene Mission” supports the ladder, stabilizing our guests, holding them up, assisting them! But there are no handouts here – rather, hand-ups!

The SUNRAYS and the CROSS demonstrate that the love of God is shared generously here, and that hope and joy abound!

The Path Off The Streets Begin Here

+ Wellness for homeless men, women, and children who need our assistance

+ Wellness for our Eugene community at large – as we help literally thousands out of homelessness