The Eugene Mission Continues to Serve in Difficult Circumstances

Eugene Mission’s COVID-19 Measures Praised

Lane County Public Health representatives commended the Eugene Mission’s management of COVID-19 related matters. The officials were impressed with the Mission’s sanitation process and other procedures protecting our guests and the community. We believe that the Mission’s immediate implementation of prevention measures at the onset of the pandemic was key to successfully warding off COVID for nine months.

By implementing our COVID Emergency Response Plan, the Eugene Mission is preventing asymptomatic guests from spreading the disease, while at the same time caring for and providing services to guests who would otherwise be out on the streets and at greater risk. Marshaling our experience serving vulnerable individuals for more than 60 years, we developed a COVID Emergency Response Plan specific to our guest population.

The Mission’s COVID Procedures Protect Guests, Staff and the Community

Prevention Measures
Implemented at start of pandemic:

  • Screening of guests and staff – taking temperatures, checking for symptoms and quarantining new guests for
    14 days prior to them joining the greater guest population.
  • Rigorous sanitation measures – we spend $5,000 per month just to replenish cleaning supplies!
  • Implementing COVID protocols – hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing.
  • Re-purposing of space – complete campus reconfiguration to ensure safe social distancing among guests and staff.

Emergency Plan
Triggered by first case of COVID-19:

  • With protecting guests and the community utmost in mind, we restricted the Mission campus to staff and current guests only. Until specific benchmarks are met, guests stay on campus, undergoing monitoring and retesting,
  • We immediately began contact tracing using our internal tracking systems. Any guests and staff who have been in contact with affected persons enter a period of quarantine with guests staying at dedicated spaces on campus.
  • Guests testing positive for COVID-19 enter a period of isolation on campus with daily health checks.
  • Committed to transparency, the Mission alerts the media and develops internal communications for guests, staff and volunteers to be informed and stay safe.

The Eugene Mission is on the front lines of serving in difficult circumstances and is now caring for 69 guests and 1 staff member who recently tested positive for COVID-19 after a campus-wide test.

Upon diagnosis of the first case after 9 months without incident, the Eugene Mission immediately implemented its COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan. The plan restricts access to the Mission campus to staff and current guests only. It further mandates that all guests stay on campus until health and safety benchmarks are met and implements small-pod and individual on-site quarantine measures. The Mission continues its rigorous health and sanitation measures and is working closely with Lane County health authorities.

It is believed that an asymptomatic guest initially contracted COVID-19 off campus. As part of the successful R3 program, Eugene Mission guests engage in community activities. Guests leave the campus to work, attend meetings, access health care and participate in approved activities. The R3 program helps guests gain life skills and take important steps toward finding permanent housing and employment. The R3 program is currently restricted to on-site, COVID-safe engagement.

By implementing its COVID Emergency Response Plan, the Eugene Mission seeks to prevent the spread of the virus, while at the same time caring for vulnerable individuals who would otherwise be out on the streets and at greater risk.

Community members who would like to support the Eugene Mission at this critical time can best do so through financial gifts via the Eugene Mission’s website donation page at

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So, what does this mean for our campus?

DONATIONS: We have implemented a Contactless Donation site just inside our Main gates to provide a welcome and safe way for the community to continue to support our essential work. This site will be hosted 8 – 4pm Monday – Friday. Food and Financial Donations are also contact-free at our kitchen door on weekends from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

RESCUE SHELTER: We have secured the campus to residential guests and authorized individuals until safety benchmarks are met. We are currently not accepting new guests. We will keep the community updated on our status and when the Rescue Shelter will safely re-open to new guests.

VOLUNTEERS: We have ‘paused’ all volunteer shifts until safety benchmarks are met for our campus and the community at large.

PARTNERS: We will continue to share our excesses with community partners, and participants in our Community Gleaning Program will remain outside of the kitchen and warehouse area with staff passing on sorted items.

As you all know, need does not stop here at the Mission when the rest of the world is put on ‘pause.’ The Mission Team is committed to providing for the essential physical needs of guests as well as their spiritual and emotional needs. We will continue to serve through the storms of life no matter what the future brings our way! This year has been challenging, but with your continued support, we will make it through stronger than ever.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

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