Bike Shop

Do You Need Your Bike Fixed?

Bike Shop Guidelines

Zak (L) and Shane (R) have started up the Mission Bike Shop located in the Donation Resource Center for our current guests. Zak is a guest of the Eugene Mission and has shown true leadership and innovation as he oversees the bike shop which rehabilitates bikes for guests needing transportation. A working bicycle is an amazing gift for many of our guests who are working and do not have a drivers license or access to a car. Many guests enjoy a working bicycle for exercise and an opportunity to ride along the river trails.

Major Needs to Guarantee Safe Transportation

U Bike Locks! 

Without these, having a bike unlocked in Eugene/Springfield may result in theft. Our community has one of the worst rates of bike theft in the country. Having a supply of U Bike Locks would truly make a difference in providing our most vulnerable neighbors reliable transportation.

Small Bike Lights

Riding on the streets can be dangerous when sharing the road with cars. Lights are just not for night riding, daytime running lights can also help to catch a motorist’s eye in broad daylight. Bicycle lights are lights to see and lights to be seen.

Cargo Bike Trailers or Packs

Teach of Class at the Bike Shop!

We have enough space to help spread the knowledge on Bikes and transportation. Please contact to inquire about a structured class for our guests.

If you have any questions, please email or call our Volunteer Coordinator, at or 541.344.3251 x 160.

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